Ryder Notes: It’s Friday & Again We Learn Nothing

Rossi Shows A Little Leg

"Pestrosa" (Medley). Fastest on a boring Friday & let's not talk about the bike swap practice.
“Pestrosa” (Medley). Fastest on a boring Friday & let’s not talk about the bike swap practice. MotoGP


It is rare that you get a day in MotoGP where you learn precisely nothing; but today was one of those rare days. Both sessions were wet, both Saturday and Sunday will be hot. The fact that Dani Pedrosa went quickest today is not going to be relevant tomorrow or the day after.

So, yet again the only item on the agenda was the state of Valentino Rossi’s right leg. As we suspected yesterday, it is much better than you’d expect it to be three weeks after the accident. In fact, it was so good that the man himself had to show the press his knee when asked about a particularly bonkers conspiracy theory. The evidence of the bolt holding the pin in place was clear for all to see, so clear that the team have to put padding over it for him.  He managed a good number of laps today but from now on the strain will increase. He got through today with remarkably little pain, tomorrow may be different.


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