Ryder Notes: Getting Punchy

In FP1, the challenger ripped everybody a new one.

A classic on tap? Soup office wall
So this is shaping up to be a proper duel, an old-fashioned heavyweight confrontation between the two best men of the moment. In the red corner, undefeated on American soil, the champion, the Cervera Kid, Maaaaarc Mar-queeeeez! In the blue corner, the challenger, undefeated this year, his real name is so cool he doesn’t need a nickname, Ma-ver-icck Vin-yaaaaaales!
This is what we wait for, Rossi versus Lorenzo at Barcelona, Rainey versus Schwartz anywhere, Roberts versus Spencer, Hailwood versus Ago. Who came third in those fights? Who gives a flying {insert preferred epithet here}.
We don’t get these confrontations too often, so let’s enjoy. Group fights involve too much luck, if a load of riders can win then we tend not to believe anyone in there is that great. Go on, who remembers who was third in the season Roberts and Spencer won six races each out of the twelve, the season IRTA boss Mike Trimby told me is the greatest he’s seen? Anyone know it was Randy Mamola without looking it up? You get the point? Everyone says when asked that they want loads of different bikes and riders in with a chance of winning and when World Superbike dishes it up, nobody watches at the rack or on TV.
So, the first two rounds were fought today. In FP1, the challenger ripped everybody a new one. He came out punching and despite a rally by the champ, the gap was over half a second at the bell. Judge Colin Edwards II scored it a 10-7 round in favour of the challenger.
Round 2 and the champ stuck on the hard front he prefers and counter attacked. This time he finished the round 0.3 ahead but did he take some risks, he nearly hit the floor a couple of times. Definitely the champ’s round but only by a score of 10-9.
So expect some serious action tomorrow. Will either fighter go for a knock out? Who will be willing to risk all for a decisive advantage after qualifying or will this one go the distance?

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