Ryder Notes: Mist Clearing …


Another one of those days. Weather confused everyone, as did a rash of crashes at Turn 1 in Moto2. By the end of FP2, the mists, literal and metaphorical, were starting to clear.

Andrea Dovizioso went effortlessly clear on his last lap, with the help of Ducati’s aero fairing. he didn’t use it in the race last week, preferring to test on Monday before deciding if it would be worth using this weekend. Both of Dovi’s bikes were fitted with it right from FP1, as well as Jorge Lorenzo’s; he was an early adopter.

Suzuki also played with their aero, Andrea Iannone tried both with and without and reported only a 1kph drop in top speed and a few difficulties in change in direction as the trade-off for a lot of anti-wheelie – which you really need here. It will be interesting to see what conclusion he comes to tomorrow.

The Hondas also look a lot happier than last year, with Dani Pedrosa impressing in the same way he did last week. His light weight certainly helps on the uphill run to Turn 3, the fastest part of the track. The Yamaha look better too, or rather Vinales’ Yamaha does. Valentino Rossi felt distinctly under the weather with a dose of man-flu. He’ll have to get well soon to avoid the indignity of going through the first qualifying session.

FP3 is going to be interesting. But they’re going to have to go some to outpace the cool, methodical Andrea Dovizioso. He’s got the same feeling he had with the wings last year.

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