Scenes from a Press Conference: Jerez MotoGP 2017

images by Marco Guidetti

3000 GPs. And all of them have been won by Ago, Rossi or Nieto. Kidding, kinda. Also, look how long Rossi’s arm is.
King maker of the new millennia …
Nearly the whole family: Tim the Michelin man, Lucy the wife, Crutch the rider and Dakota the manservant. How many fish can they name?
This is the Jorge Lorenzo that showed up today at Jerez.
The big winner at Austin: now on home soil.
Rossi: leading the championship this early is a situation a smart man would not piss away, this time.
A home win for Maverick would be huge.
Scenes from a press conference: then there were the riders. Lorenzo is very fast at Jerez and if he can find a groove early …

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