Dominic Monaco’s TZ250-Powered Shrieking Terror on Clay

Owned by Rod Lake, Tuned by Dante D’Ambrusco, maintained by Bub Monaco

It’s way, way too short but the above video clip is music to the ears for anyone who likes to observe two-strokes being raced on dirt track. 

The rider is Dominic Monaco, and the bike is a 1987 TZ250-powered flat track bike, with a frame by C&J.

This two-stroke ripper was previously raced by Kenny Roberts Junior and others, and is owned by longtime racer-sponsor Rod Lake. This shrieking terror on clay is tuned by Dante D’Ambrusco and is maintained by Dominic and James’ father, Bub Monaco.

Note the white flag. Note he is leading the race. Note Dominic has an entire straight of lead over second place.

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