Soup Live In Texas for USGP

CoTA’s surface? “Well, it’s better than Silverstone.”


The last seat on a plane leaving the blizzard (thanks, Delta) took us to Texas last night and all of the usual Soup-centrics are shuffling in from different corners.

  • Today is press-conference day and general stand around and yak in the paddock day.

  • American Moto2 rider Joe Roberts will be in the MotoGP press conference later today.

  • Preparations are already underway at COTA for Hayden Hill and the ceremony to retire Nicky Hayden’s number, which will happen tomorrow.

  • Nicky’s 2006 RC211V championship-winning, HRC-and-Honda-be-damned racer is being brought in for the ceremony and the mass photo taken on Hayden Hill.

    COTA’s racing surface was criticized last year and it doesn’t seem possible that it could have improved since then, but we won’t know that until bikes lap the course. Regardless, any questions regarding the surface here at COTA are to be answered with the phrase
    “Well, it’s better than Silverstone.”


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