Soup Pre-Season Garage Sale: Yes, We Are Including “Yelling Spoonfuls” of Hickman Haul Ass Club Dirt

Roberts go-fast dirt with Roberts prints…

We were finally able to pry open the Soup office closet door, again, and these items should be un-tombed.


Honda GP book. Brand new.

The Challenge & Dream of Honda/500 GP wins (book)

Long out of print and selling for as much as $175 a copy on eBay and Amazon. We have one case of unopened books, never even cracked open once. The top copy has a divit in it from the time we used the the box to help prop up an XR750 in the shop.  $50-60 plus shipping depending on condition. Inquire:


Roberts in the baggy leathers at Daytona 1972.

3 left: 16×20 print of Roberts putting decals on his bike at Daytona in 1972. A real photograph, made from a negative and signed by the King himself. Added bonus: each of these comes with a small bag of dirt from Kenny Roberts’ own track in California, scooped up from the very place in turn one Roberts would stand when critiquing\yelling at riders like Jorge Lorenzo, Wayne Rainey and Eddie Lawson. $150 plus shipping. Inquire:

11.5×16.5 signed by Rainey

2 left. Illustration of Rainey’s title winning Yamaha GP 500. Signed by presumably one day will be sainted Rainey. $60 plus shipping. Inquire: We six have unsigned copies of this beautiful print at $40.

11.5×16.5 art print

3 left: Illustration of Roberts’ 500, signed by King Kenny Roberts. $60 each plus shipping. Inquire:


Post card. With Hickman haul ass dirt. $20


9 left. Japanese illustration of Roberts and his 1978 bike on a POST CARD. Signed by Roberts. Each card comes with a “yelling spoonful”  of dirt from turn one at Roberts’ Hickman Haul Ass Club track. Frame the card and the dirt? Frame the card and eat the dirt? Frame the dirt and mail the card? $20. Inquire:

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