SOUP STORE Next in the 24X30 “More Real Than Life” Prints: Wayne Rainey’s 1990 Yamaha YZR500 GP Bike

Prints of this Ferocious Two Stroke Beast Are Shipping today

Wayne Rainey's 1990 Yamaha YZR500 GP Bike
Photograph taken with a Hasselblad X1D 4116 medium format digital camera and printed on an Epson professional printer. 24×30. Sand City


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About the “Rainey’s Yamaha 500” print:

Soup’s latest offering:

An exclusive 24×30 print: three-time world champion Wayne Rainey’s championship-winning Yamaha YZR500. This two stroke thoroughbred was captured in the studio on a medium format camera and the results printed on beautiful, fade free glossy paper on a commercial printer. 


Print details

  • 24 x 30 with a white border 
  • Printed on glossy archival paper
  • Price: $65 plus $8 shipping

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Other prints (RC30, RC45, Chandler’s ZX7 Superbike) etc available. Contact us for details.

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