Soup’s Medley Racing Engines Decals Are In

How legal was it? Tim Beaumont

Next in our “hero” decals is this fine MEDLEY RACING ENGINES decal. It features Gary Medley’s legendary sideburns and Gary using a very large wrench. Gary Medley’s bikes have won the Daytona 200 numerous times, and he crewchief’d Scott Russell to a WSBK title, and Kawasaki’s Suzuka 8 Hours win. Medley has also tuned for riders like Doug Chandler, John Ashmead and Ben Bostrom. He still has skin in the game today: Medley and friends ran Tylor O’hara in the recent Daytona 200 whereby he finished thrd.

In a small font on the muffler it reads a “Medley-ism”. Around 1992 Muzzy Kawasaki brought a Medley-built Kawasaki 600 to the tire test at Daytona in December. Russell stood the entire paddock on its collective ear by lapping at Daytona somewhere around 2 seconds faster than the existing 600 lap record at DIS. The bike was very steamy but a certainly just as stout factor was ….Russell really didn’t want to ride the 600 after he won the Superbike championship. Kawasaki made it worth his while.

That Medley built 600 held the unofficial Daytona track record for something like six years.

A clueless media guy (me) wandered over at the end of the day and asked Medley if some “creative rule-book interpretation” might have been inflicted on that bike since it was so fast that some felt Russell must have cut the track.

Medley said that the engine was “very” legal. In fact, he said, it was “Very Extremely Legal”.

Design by Soup’s good friend Tim “Blighty” Beaumont.

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