The Way We Were In 1993

1993 Team Honda group image
The gangs all here: note Kipp’s crutches from his scary Charlotte crash. Dean Adams

A Team Camel Honda informal team group image, shot at Mid-Ohio.

Back Row:

Curtis Gray, RJR racing program manager. Someone once suggested that Curtis knew every single stripper/exotic dancer/successful-and-or-attractive female bartender from Miami all the way to Winston Salem. Of course, that’s not possible, not every one.

Blonde Camel girl, they were omnipresent when Curtis was at the track. I seem to recall that Curtis was considering marrying this one.

Tom Kipp Jr. Former WSBK race winner, 600 & 750 Supersport champion. Now an ordained Lutheran pastor.

Glasses guy: unknown.

Al Ludington, former Superbike champion and Daytona 200 winning crewchief. Ask him for the 24hrs of Willow/ Robbie Peterson story.

Martin Adams, team owner, prince and friend to all.

Ray Plumb, engine builder and mechanic for American Honda.

Middle Row:

Glen Franklin, Oklahoma native and mechanic. Glen won every Sunday night, beer-buzz “show your scars” contest because he had been shot in the chest at point blank range in his “Outsiders with guns” life before racing. A very likable fellow and one of the first enthusiasts to throw a massive tune on his Honda Hawk GT streetbike. Teased Thomas Stevens constantly about his hair. RIP.

Mark Reeves, Camel rep and team supporter.

Mike Smith, racer.

Carol Smith. Now Smith’s ex-wife, works deep in the intelligence community. She probably reads your text messages and is frankly bored by them.

Ann Plumb.

Bottom row

Bobby (Swine)Winedorf. Mechanic, restorer, story-teller and current MotoAmerica tire control maven. Full-on sticker crazy.

Randy “Dairy Queen anyone?” Renfrow. One of the best humans that the Superbike paddock ever knew. Superbike race-winner, F1 champion (beat Wayne Rainey), 250 and 125 GP winner. RIP.

Unknown: It’s not Miguel DuHamel.



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