This Just In: Fans Would Like To See Racing

MotoAmerica Was Social Distancing Before Social Distancing Was Cool

IRVINE, CA (April 29, 2020) – MotoAmerica fans have responded to the recent Event Attendance Questionnaire with a resounding: Let’s go racing!

The questionnaire, which was made up of multiple-choice questions as well as two queries that allowed for responses, was sent out to MotoAmerica fans on April 23 to gauge their feelings regarding returning to the racetrack once shelter-in-place restrictions from COVID-19 are lifted and the 2020 MotoAmerica Series can begin.

The result: The majority of the almost 2800 fans who responded are eager to get back to the racetrack once its deemed safe to do so.

When asked, “After Shelter-In-Place restrictions are lifted, how likely are you to attend motorsports events without assigned seating? (Indycar road races, MotoAmerica road races, IMSA road races, Pro Motocross, etc.)?” our fans were adamant about attending with nearly 90 percent answering either Very Likely or Likely.

Almost 70 percent of our fans said they’d also return to outdoor events with assigned seating, but the willingness to attend events drops when fans are faced with a decision to attend events that are held inside (sporting events, concerts, etc.). That number is just a tad over 52 percent.

When queried with, “After the Shelter-In-Place restrictions are lifted, what (if any) other things should racetracks without assigned seating do to ensure your safety?” Our fans responded with comments such as these:

– Nothing. Get things back to normal as soon as possible.
– Just get us all to the racetrack. We are about to lose our minds.
– MotoAmerica is an event where I feel safe because of the wide-open spaces that I can choose to observe from regardless of the track.
– If I want a mask, I will bring one on my own.”

The majority of the responses were to the overall sanitation of food providers, restrooms, etc.

“I think there are a few things that become clear from the results of our questionnaire,” said MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey. “The first is that, like us, our fans are missing the feeling of being at the racetrack and watching racing. The second is that once it is deemed safe to do so, they are more than willing to attend events like ours where they are outside and can continue to practice social distancing. We want to thank all our fans who responded to the survey as having this sort of information is invaluable to us going forward.”

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