Trickest Race Bike In America? The ’19 Crosley Howerton Kawasaki Breaks Cover

It finally broke cover today in Daytona: the Crosley-sponsored bike built by Rick Howerton and friends.
It finally broke cover in Daytona: the Crosley-sponsored Kawasaki 650 built by Indy’s Rick Howerton and friends. Thanks. AFT


When news broke that Bryan Smith wasn’t returning to the factory Indian team, some engineering fans smiled.

Why? Because they suspected that this development would lead to Smith and his friend Rick Howerton to build a new ride for 2019. Howerton’s last machine, powered by a Kawasaki 650 engine was such a technical spectacle that at the final Indy Mile run in conjunction with the Indy MotoGP race that one saw MotoGP mechanics–and crewchiefs–deeply admiring the bike, even taking pictures of it.

Smith and Howerton will be in action this weekend at the Daytona TT race.

The race will be on Fans Choice if you can’t find it on TV.

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