The Weslake V-Twin

A small chapter in the history of … the Britten?

Former racer Cliff Carr had high hopes of importing Weslake motors in the mid-1980s for teams to use in AMA Battle of the Twins racing, but ultimately found no takers. Paul Carruthers

1970s road racing star Cliff Carr shows off a Weslake 8-valve, V-Twin that Carr envisioned being used in AMA Battle of the Twins competition. This photo was taken in the mid-1980s. Carr was unable to find any sponsors to help back the Weslake BOTT or any teams willing to take on the task and the project ultimately never got off the ground.
One Weslake expert said that only six of these motors were ever built, a prototype and five production units. At least one Australian squad used the Weslake. The motors had good horsepower and enough torque to propel a steamship, but valve guides proved to be the weak point and would wear out faster than mechanics could replace them.

John Britten experimented with a Weslake motor when he began his Britten Motorcycle project and ultimately took the concept down a much more successful path.

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