Your Chance To Donate $5k To Kenny Noyes’ Gofundme & Get My Signed Nicky Hayden Visor

I only have a few things that my friend Nick Hayden gave me, other than stickers. I never asked him for much because like a lot of his friends I thought that I could probably lean on him at the next race or next year or at some other time in the future. Alas.

Racer Kenny Noyes’ long journey back from his crash continues. Noyes is doing a ton of mental and physical therapy every day. He’s making progress and there is no letting off for him or his support group (his family).

Long-term rehab for a serious traumatic brain injury is measured in years and becomes a full-time job for the injured person’s support group.

I’m told that it’s very common for TBI patients to have their comeback measured in a decade or more. And for the treatment to cost an enormous amount of money. It’s common for TBI patients to completely blow through the limit of their insurance coverage.

Nicky gave me one of his helmet shields that he wore in a race (I can’t remember what year) and he was good enough to sign it with a sharpie. My plan with the shield that Nicky gave me was to figure out which Arai helmet it fit, buy that model “Nicky” helmet and put the signed shield on it. Then I’d put the helmet on my desk in my office.

Getting to the point: if someone out there will donate $5000 to Kenny Noyes’ Gofund me account, other than the satisfaction of helping out a good guy and his family, you’ll also get the shield my pal Nick signed and gave me. Put it on a helmet and put it in your office or in your museum.

If someone out there has had a good year in the stock market, or found a blue ’72 H2 at a garage sale for $35 or etc and wants to help as outlined above, please contact us here and we can make this happen:

Noyes’ gofund me account is here.

Like Nick used to say: “Peace out!”





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